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midnight21 wrote in iwish
I wish that my ex friend wound understand how I feel when she had taken over and stolen my character Olivia and forget that my first concept of her existed. That really wasn't my best work and it makes me feel sick to my stomach that she had become obsessed with it. If she had written the character out of storyline and replaced her with something else she had, I would have been fine with it. And if she absolutely must have a character named Olivia in her storyline, the least she could have done is wipe the character clean and give her a completely new look and storyline.

I feel used and betrayed on so many levels and I can't believe that she insulted the intelligence of my friends when they tried to help her make the right choices. I hope that she will realize that what she did is wrong and that she'll change her mind about this, but that outcome is very unlikely. She'll keep that concept of mine for herself forever, never letting anything go. In the end, that will destroy her.

I just wish I never created that character if I knew Olivia was going to cause so many problems for us both. If that character or RPG never existed, would we still be friends? Hard to say, but I wish everything could have been handled differently... what a fool I was to even trust her with my artwork and storylines and I regret all this.

If only I could go back in time and do it all over again...

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It was really dumb of her to take over and reclaim and make a big deal out of your reaction to her stealing your intellectual property. Maybe it's time to cut ties with the character since it seems to be a painful reminder of all the hurt she has done to you. I know that healing has been a hugely difficult, painful part of your past for at least the past 5 years (probably lifelong, but 5 yrs on LJ that I've gotten a window into the picture). If she is shackling you to this element of pain--no matter how justified--it's time to let it go. Find a better kind of friend (if you are able). I'm sorry that she has broken your trust to that extent. It's hard to find people you can trust... but I've found (and I've had quite my own broken journey) that they do exist. It's taken a long time to find what seemed to come naturally to everone else in second grade. But God really can make all things new. Even lost (dead and buried) dreams.

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