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no-edged sword
matt1993 wrote in iwish
I wish my ability to be happy were open 24/7 rather than generally closing at midnight and opening anywhere from 2 to 6 AM...

Does anyone else have depression that (generally) goes off and on in a pattern like mine?

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Not quite the same but I find myself most energetic/in a productive gung-ho mood between 10pm and 12am. I'm pretty lazy all other times and it's quite consistent.

Is your sleeping schedule pretty normal? If so, at least it's during sleeping hours. If not, I'm sorry. Maybe it has something to do with the sunlight? Like Seasonal Affective Disorder?

It should be during sleeping hours, but it's not quite. Normally I go to bed at 1 (though sometimes I do go to bed at midnight, and sometimes I'm not depressed until I go to bed even though it's after midnight), but then until I've listened to Enya for a while, I have trouble falling asleep because I'm so depressed.

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